Can Skin Moles Be Removed At Home?

For Those Wondering “Can Moles Be Removed From My Face Or Neck Without Scarring?”…

Honey Mole Removal Is A Safe And Natural Mole Removal Technique You Can Try At Home: How To Remove A Mole At Home

Hi there! Happy Emma here because you’ve found my blog about natural, neck and facial mole removal techniques to try at your own home!

If you are suffering from facial moles, or moles on your neck, you will probably agree with me that it are just pointless faults of your skin and they do nothing else than make other people watch and make you feel insecure…

No worries though, there are a lot of people having neck and facial moles which feel exactly the same. Then again, if you’re like me or the other, you’re probably asking yourself “can mole be removed from my face or neck at home and without scarring?“.

Well, quite a while ago I was wondering the same thing. I knew there were some fast mole removal techniques such as laser mole removal, but for such techniques I would have to take a visit to a doctor which would cost me a lot of money… In addition, I also knew that techniques such as laser mole removal have a chance of scarring the skin, and I just didn’t want to take the risk.

So, here’s what I did instead…

I started doing some extended research about natural, neck and facial mole removal techniques in order to find out how to remove moles fast, at my own home. Luckily I found a lot, and I mean A LOT of natural mole removal techniques which could help me getting a mole removed from my face or neck at my own home. In fact, I found so much natural mole removal techniques online, that I had no clue where to start…

This is when I changed my research tactics a bit and started looking into natural and safe mole removal techniques without scarring risk. After all, I didn’t want to try things such as laser mole removal techniques because of the scarring risk.


Well, guess what…

Even with such a specified searching tactic, I found lot’s of natural mole removal techniques which could do the trick, or at least that’s what people claimed. I decided just to go ahead and try a bunch of techniques. I quickly found out that not every so called “safe” natural mole removal technique was really safe and worked as well as they claimed to be…

Fortunately, I also found some mole removal techniques which did work.


Alright, So Moles Can Indeed Be Removed From Your Face And Neck Without Scarring, But Which Mole Removal Techniques Are Safe?

Unfortunately that’s hard to tell, simply because not every skin reacts the same to all the available mole removal techniques.

If you haven’t done so already, I suggest reading my other posts similar to this topic: Ever Wondered How You Should Remove A Mole Safely And Naturally? and Safely Removing A Skin Mole At Home: Revealed. In these posts, I already mentioned ground flaxseed mixed with a bit of pure honey and flaxseed oil as well as pineapple juice or castor oil with baking soda.

However, although these natural mole removal techniques generally can be performed without scarring, it still either involves scratching the skin mole to let the ground flaxseed with pure honey and flaxseed oil do their work, or incubating the skin mole with pineapple juice which is very acidic and can cause serious irritation to the skin of some people…

This may sound pretty bad if you read it at first, but unfortunately it’s nothing compared to the experiences of some people who tried THE MOST MENTIONED (and also VERY DANGEROUS) skin mole home removal remedy, which uses apple cider vinegar.

So, using the methods mentioned in the first posts, is already a lot better than using something like apple cider vinegar if you ask me…

However, there are some other natural mole removal techniques for at your own home which can be worth trying when you’re looking how to get rid of moles on your neck or face.

How about trying some of the following natural mole removal techniques of which I could not find any report describing scarring of the skin.

  1. Incubate a banana peel with scotch tape on the neck or facial mole overnight
  2. Incubate the juices of a crushed garlic with cotton cloth and tape on the neck or facial mole overnight
  3. Rub the cut side of a potato on the neck or facial mole and let the potato juice incubate, also preferably overnight

OK, I can understand that these natural mole removal techniques may sound funny at first, at least that´s what I thought. However, I thought that the worst thing that could happen to me was that I would have spent some time trying these techniques, without seeing any results…

So I tried them.

However, now that I have done some additional research, I may be able to tell you why these techniques might work.

How Is It Possible That Neck And Facial Moles Can Be Removed With These Natural Home Removal Techniques?

Crushed fresh garlic for getting a mole removed from you face naturally: How to remove a skin mole at your own home fast.

  1. During the incubation with the banana peel, the enzymes and acids (mostly oxalic acid and ascorbic acid) start breaking down the skin mole.
  2. The incubation of the garlic juices can result in scab formation, making the skin mole fall off.
  3. Potatoes contain bleaching compounds which can lighten and eventually even totally fade the skin mole.

Unfortunately, these home techniques usually need long lasting incubation’s…

In addition, these natural mole removal techniques commonly have to be repeated multiple times before the effects start kicking in…

Therefore, I continued doing my research, and finally I came across a book that was actually useful.

I’m not talking about a bit useful, I found it is literally stuffed with in-depth details about how to approach mole removal at home…

This book literally changed my perspective on natural and safe mole removal techniques which you can try at home. I found it a really easy to read and follow step-by-step guidebook.

However, I can understand if you may want to know a bit more about it (I was also skeptic at first). In that case I suggest reading my:

Natural Neck And Facial Mole Removal Techniques For At Home Without Scarring

==> full personal review of the natural mole removal technique guidebook.

That way, you can see for yourself why it may help you getting rid of moles on your face and neck (or anywhere else really).


Lastly, I want to impress that you shouldn’t just go ahead and try every (natural) mole removal technique you can find online such as apple cider vinegar mole removal

It pays off to spend a little more effort, doing a bit of literature research on proven remedies.

Otherwise you might just end up wasting a lot of time and money, still having neck or facial moles, and maybe even gained some scars…

Natural, Neck & Facial Mole Removal, Can It Be Done Without Scarring At Home?
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Natural, Neck & Facial Mole Removal, Can It Be Done Without Scarring At Home?
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