Can Skin Moles Be Removed At Home?

Hi there! Happy Emma here because you’ve found my blog about skin mole removal remedies for at your own home! If you are suffering from a lot of moles on your face, neck, arms, chest or anywhere on your skin really, you may feel quite insecure and may want to know if skin moles can be removed at home. No worries, there are a lot of people having skin moles which feel exactly the same. To my opinion, you shouldn’t feel less of yourself in any way just because of a few skin moles, or maybe you are even just suffering from one eye-catching mole on your face or neck. However, sadly, the society almost forces you to feel bad about yourself when you’re not like all others, in this case “those not suffering from an abundant of skin moles”. When you are suffering from eye-catching skin moles, you will most likely know where I’m talking about and you’ve probably asked yourself if skin moles can be removed at home. Well, quite a while ago I was wondering the same thing. This is when I started doing some research on how to remove skin moles at home. Luckily I found a lot, and I mean A LOT of different mole removal remedies which you can try at your own home. In fact, I found so much skin mole home removal remedies online, I had no clue where to start.

This is why I changed my research tactics from:

Just searching if skin moles can be removed at home and if so, what remedies where out there


If skin moles can be removed at home SAFELY (and maybe even NATURALLY).


Alright, skin moles can be removed at home, but which remedies are safe?

Unfortunately that’s hard to tell, simply because every skin reacts the same to all the available skin mole removal remedies. If you haven’t done so already, I suggest reading my other posts similar to this topic: Ever Wondered How You Should Remove A Mole Safely And Naturally? and Safely Removing A Skin Mole At Home: Revealed. In these posts I already mentioned ground flaxseed mixed with a bit of pure honey and flaxseed oil as well as pineapple juice or castor oil with baking soda. However, although these home removal remedies are considered quite harmless, it still either involves scratching the skin mole to let the ground flaxseed with pure honey and flaxseed oil do their work, or incubating the skin mole with pineapple juice which is very acidic and can cause serious irritation to the skin of some people. This may sound pretty bad if you read it at first, but unfortunately it’s nothing compared to the experiences of some people who tried THE MOST MENTIONED (and also VERY DANGEROUS) skin mole home removal remedy, which uses apple cider vinegar.

So, using the methods mentioned in the first posts, is already a lot better than using something like apple cider vinegar if you ask me. However, there are some other home remedies worth trying when you’re looking into how your skin moles can be removed at home.

  1. Incubate a banana peel with scotch tape on the skin mole overnight
  2. Incubate the pasta of a crushed garlic with cotton cloth and tape on the skin mole overnight
  3. Rub the cut side of a potato on the skin mole and let the potato juice incubate


How is it possible that skin moles can be removed with these home remedies?

  1. During the incubation with the banana peel, the enzymes and acids (mostly oxalic acid and ascorbic acid) start breaking down the skin mole.
  2. The incubation of the garlic paste can result in scab formation, making the mole fall off.
  3. Potatoes contain bleaching compounds which can lighten and eventually even totally fade the skin mole.

Unfortunately, these methods usually need long lasting incubation’s. In addition, these remedies commonly have to be repeated multiple times before the effects start kicking in. Therefore, like mentioned in a lot of my other posts, I suggest reading:

==>  The skin mole removal guide book for at home

This book literally changed my perspective on how skin moles can be removed at home in a fast, natural and safe ways. Go right ahead and check the book at the top right of this page. However, I can understand if you may want to know a bit more about it first (I was also skeptic about it at first). In that case I suggest reading my full personal skin mole removal book review first.

==> Read what others have to say about the book here

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